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Series #3

The full moon collection

Full moon is celebrated since thousands of years in ancient cultures for its magic, mystery and special energy. It represents a time to gather with community, release unwanted energies and honor what we have created since the new moon. 

The artist's passion and affection for the full moon inspired and produced the Full Moon Dance series of pictures generated by Machine Learning and AI technology & gets edited to represents our emotions and sensations with a mysterious characters.

Hope is Dancing #301_edited.jpg

Series #2

Matn - Calligraphy

Matn Calligraphy is a collection of art & paintings on canvas, wood carvings, and sculptures as well as digital calligraphy collection with immersive experiences.

Matn Gallery will be a playground to experience our creations and interact with each art separately and in more depth. :)  

NFT & Art Collections

Meta - Matn Gallery

Meta-Matn Gallery is our Metaverse Spatial Gallery with lots of NFTs, Sculptures, Experiences, and Art to enjoy. 

Our Gallery is by Guestlist and Tickets will be minted as NFT before each event. 

More information coming soon. 

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